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Extra Money Making Ideas You Should Try

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These are just a few extra money making ideas.. According to where you live, not all of them may be possible, but I hope it starts you thinking about what you could do in your neighborhood. 1. Become an Avon rep or work for one of the other catalogue companies. Although I don't personally buy makeup this way, I know a lot of people who do. However I buy quite a few household items from brochures. I find them cheaper and often there are things difficult to find in stores. 2. Start selling antiques. When I say antiques I mean anything second hand that you don't want any more. Look around your house and see what you can find. If you make a little money, invest it in a few better items and resell. 3. Do you live in a busy tourist center? I'm lucky, I live in a really historic place. If you have a lot of visitors who stay, rather than come for a day, organise outings to places of interest nearby. Walking tours around the main sites are also popular. 4. Growing herbs. I once lived in a house that opened straight on the street, with no yard only a concrete area behind where I grew herbs. I would take cuttings from my main plants. As soon as they had rooted, I put them on the front window sill for sale. The money was put through in my letter box and nothing was ever stolen. I was surprised how much I made. 5. Hire out fancy dress clothes for children. Children seemed to continually need new fancy dress clothes. They grow so quickly it is so expensive to keep buying new. Either make some outfits, if you have the skill, or buy and hire out to parents. ***this content was uploaded to pinterduit.com

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