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How do you apply statistical copywriting in your daily work?

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In the previous installment of this tutorial we answered the question: What is statistical copywriting? If you missed it you can find it here: http://www.copywritingtutorial.com/tutorial/what-is-statistical-copywriting Statistical copywriting will not write text for you and has no understanding of the meaning of any text. You need to come up with the initial sales copy and then use a statistical copywriting tool like Glyphius to optimize it. Let’s walk through the process step by step. 1. Write your initial text You know the product or service you want to sell. Write the sales copy as best as you can to convey the benefits. As a beginning copywriter this initial text is likely to have a conversion rate of less than 1%. After optimizing it using this process you should be able to achieve 2-3% conversion. For this example we’re going to write a Google AdWords ad. Here’s our initial text: Stuck Writing Copy? Use software that has learned from the masters. Free 5-day e-course. www.CopywritingTutorial.com 2. Break the text down into parts While you can score your entire text at once, it’s much more efficient to break down the text into parts and score each part individually. For our AdWords ad the 3 parts would be: Headline Main text URL 3. Optimize each part Using Glyphius to score different variations of each part of the ad we came up with: Headlines: stuck writing copy? - Score: 228 copywriting is hard - Score: 230 automated copywriter - Score: 57 copywriter in a box - Score: 50 discover copywriter tool - Score: 125 check your copywriting - Score: 196 get an edge writing copy - Score: 153 compare copywriters - Score: 268 compare copywriting - Score: 367 compare good copywriting - Score: 377 Main text alternatives with scores: Use software that has learned from the masters. Free 5-day e-course. - Score: 155 Use software that has learned from the masters. Free 5-day tutorial. - Score: 227 Use software that has learned from the masters. Complimentary tutorial - Score: 341 Here are some scores for the URL. The display ULR in AdWords ads does not have to be the same as the URL where the prospect is sent when she clicks on the ad. Therefore you should definitely optimize the URL that is displayed. www.CopywritingTutorial.com - Score: 344 CopywritingTutorial.com - Score: 343 www.CopywritingTutorial.com/free - Score: 272 www.CopywritingTutorial.com/signup - Score: 378 4. Human review The most important part of this process is the human review. Even if you manage to get a very high scoring headline it will not generate any sales if it’s just gibberish to a human. Double-check that it still has the meaning you want to convey. And read it out loud to ensure that the text flows smoothly. 5. Keep top 2 or 3 Statistical copywriting does not replace testing; it’s a complement and a great way to discover what to test. (More on this in a later installment of the tutorial.) Google AdWords makes it very easy to do split testing: just enter the different versions of the ad and select the setting to show the most effective ad (higher click through rate) more often. If you take all combinations of the top 2 or 3 scoring headlines, main texts and URLs you will end up with between 8 and 27 ad variations to test. See the blog at http://www.CopywritingTutorial.com for an update on the results of this Google AdWords ad. Next installment of the tutorial In the next installment of this tutorial you will discover who uses statistical copywriting. You may be surprised to see some of the big name copywriters on the list… statistical copywriting, copywriting, Glyphius, AdWords, optimize Technorati Tags: statistical copywriting, copywriting, Glyphius, AdWords, optimize

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