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Home » Software And Programming » Installing And Running Openwebspider Node.js In Android Using Termux Error Module Serve Static [solved]

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Installing And Running Openwebspider Node.js In Android Using Termux Error Module Serve Static [solved]

Rating : 0/5 , Author : Eri Nurdiyanto , Topic : Software And Programming, Date : 2020/02/11 11:27,Views: 7, Like : 0 , Dislike : 0

Eri Nurdiyanto

Eri Nurdiyanto


founder and developer of , forex trading, programming , SEO enthusiast.
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[more content from this user] - Today i want to share my experiment, i'm trying to running openwebspider on my Android. Openwebspider is open source project tools to create our own search engine include ceawler tools. Openwebserver work using node.js and have good gui we can access vie web browser First, i downloaded openwebspider file from official site, its size is about 2 mb. Then im installing termux on my Android Xiaomi 3. First you need to install nodejs via termux, run command bellow $ pkg install nodejs it will downloading and installing node js from online repository, to check node js sucefully install, try to enter command bellow $ node --version To access external file frok termux you need to gift permission first, ex: you wany to access sd card. run command below in termux $ termux-setup-storage and give permission termux to access storage. If you want to access ing your storage such as /image /download /share run command bellow $ cd ~/storage then to check the file list run command bellow $ ls repeat this command till you find your openwebspider file, once you find it. run this command to start openwebspider server.js $ node src/server.js You might found error, module not found such as, finalhandler, serve-static etc. To installing module for your nodejs run command below $ npm install finalhandler $npm install serve-static and another module you need. But i found error, i cant install serve-static with error message , file permission isue. SOLVED Now i'm sucessfully run openwebspider js in my android. Im using node js runner called Dory node.js . All module package running smoothly. For database server im using kickwebserver to run mysql server ***this content was uploaded to

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