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5 Tips to Cook Delicious Indonesian Fried Rice

Nafisathallah • Kuliner • 10 Sep 2020 • 60 Dilihat • publish -

Indonesia fried rice is the most delicious among other fried rice from another nation, such as like Japan or Malaysia.
To make it special and looks awesome, you don't need high quality ingredients and expensive decoration.
You only need what people like to eat from fried rice and related to it. Who in the earth that want to eat asparagus with fried rice even though it's kind of luxurious thing.
Here are the tips from local native to cook delicious fried rice!

1. Mix it with extra protein

People love to eat meat and seafood, unless you're a vegetarian. Combination of high protein cuisine and nasi goreng (Indonesian way to say it) are the best combo for breakfast or even dinner. The high protein meal I'm mention are like sausage beef, chicken nugget, meatball, scrambled egg, corned beef, and also the seafood like shrimp or squid. Never use pork if your dish is serve to Indonesia people or other majority muslim country, I said to you it's a very bad idea! Even if you do it accidentally! but if you are non-muslim, it's fine.

2. Use the right spices, and don't be too exaggerated with it!

Herbs you're deal with it to make nasi goreng are like red onion, with onion, chili, and the most important is leek, or you can call it daun bawang 'leek' in Indonesia languange. The other non-herbal seasoning you need are the salt, soy sauce, and pepper (optional). What I said before, you forget one of this, and all of your work will be useless.

3. Cook it with oil, but do it with calculation

Do you want me to leak the secret that all Indonesian always try to hide it from the international media? In fact that this food, fried rice, isn't really fry as a way of cooking it. But, it's cooked with stir dry method. So because of that, the oil play the important role to the taste of this cuisine. You can use palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil or even the margarine.

4. An Extra Additional that doesn't really to be add, but still worth it

Indonesia people are very like spicy and hot dish, you can found that almost all of their culinary are consists of chili and pepper, but mostly they rarely use pepper as often as they using chili. You also can add fresh chili in the dish or in the edge of the plate to be just an extra or decoration.

5. Last but not least

The last step of deliciousing your nasi goreng is snack, the snack I mean here are some potato chips that have savory taste, crackers from fish or shrimp, and dry onion.

Have a nice cuisine! From my step to step to make a delicious nasi goreng from local native like me.

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