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The Newest FGO's Game for Mobile

Nafisathallah • Game • 26 Aug 2020 • 37 Dilihat • publish - On 11th August, as developer of Fate/Grand Order announced their new mobile game, Fate/Grand Order Waltz in Moonlight/Lostroom.

A special game for the 5th FGO anniversary, and it's also a fanservice for player after the event in Tokyo Dome was cancelled because of pandemic.
In this game, you will be invited by stranger to dance with Mash Kyrielight, our main heroine in the game.
There is no such goal or mission in this game, you here to play this game just to enjoy the visual and very emotional audio.
This game will make you flashback about all of your story and experience while clearing the singularites with Mash as your servant.
And also make your servant-master relationship between you and Matthew (seriously a joke) will be stronger for the next chapter in the game.
It's maybe just their promotion agenda, but we can guaranted that it is free for everyone and can be download from QooApp.
But there is exceptional, only for the 550.000 first downloaders that able to login and play this. So you must as soon as possible to get the stock before its reach the maximum limitation.
In the 3D visual, it will be a best game and very recommended for Nasuverse-fans and anything that related to Fate series.

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