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What You Should Know About Bitcoin Before Investing On It

ERNDT • Bitcoin • 1 Jul 2020 • 118 Dilihat • publish - Bitcoin (BTC) is one of interesting investment instrument beside stock, gold, and currencies. If you are already investing into gold and stock then want to try investing ing Bitcoin (BTC) here several important fact about bitcoin you should know.

Bitcoin price is fluctuative

Yearly range of bitcoin price movement could reach up to 100% in single year.

Not all country allowing bitcoin

In China for example, bitcoin circulation is limited and maybe other several country may banned bitcoin.

Total Supply bitcoin only 21 million bitcoin

Bitcoin supply is not unlimited, bitcoim supply limited to 21 million bitcoim anda already mined 18 million ini 2020.

Bitcoin transaction cannot be canceled

If you already sent amount of bitcoin to another wallet adress its is permanent and cannot be canceled or refund.

Difficulty rate of bitcoin mining increasing time by time

Its designated by bitcoin founder to keep value of bitcoin againts inflation.

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